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Julien Hoquet/ So many things to tell you

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Posté 09 mai 2019 - 10:20

The tears in your  eyes

Are like the stars

In the sky


So many things

To tell you

So much silence

To break


I was thirsty for these stars,

Will you understand that ?


I walked to the north

In tundra and ice

In quest

Of my wild soul


I howled with the wolves

Till my heart nearly split up

And with my claws and fangs

I clung to northern lights


I wanted to reveal my night to you

And I sang out loud adamantin songs

Amidst Algonquian legends

With my mouth full of stones

On the bank of a wild river

In this tongue

Foreign to America

That the others despised.



My misfortune,

That full moon, 

Will you understand them at last ?



I was enraged as never before

I was pursuing the dawn

Shuddering in search

Of your mystical shadow

And it is your face

In a reflection of the water

That I cupped in my palm


To drink slowly.


I have so many things

To tell you

So much silence

To break



But where to start ?

Your face is trickling down

through my fingers

And time is passing away

And  I

Have not

Told you