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Dans la publication : Thine fifty one...

13 juin 2014 - 08:09

Yes, I love poetry in both French and English. I'm American, from Chicago.

Where are your from? French people seldom write in English, let alone ye olde English.

Well! He.. first ... Glad and surprised in the fact you and me are foreigners and keen on french art civilisation. In my part I'm native of a wonderfull country, Madagascar. I belong to  Malagasy people but dwelling in Reunion Island for more than 60 years now. Very much to tell for a curious life understanding. And WHY my " affection " for english language ... ? I ask myself ...  why  ! I was then about ten and i already had gentle exchange with South African pupils delegation while they had a friendly visit in our college. And more and more occasions later. But don't laugh if I say you that during my stay in Réunion Island I never had opportunity to speak my own malagasy language. By the way, by lack of practice I'm unable for any exchange with any of my fellow countrypeople.  Disaster ...isn't it?

Let's see more again on TLP . See you soon. 

Dans la publication : Thine fifty one...

12 juin 2014 - 05:52

God bless you Cyraknow ! and thank you. My daughter is keen on each poetic blast like this and maybe it will delight her once more !

What about you . You seem to enjoy poetic art in french, do you likewise in british ?  In my part french is " a magnifique " way to express. Isn't it ?

Dans la publication : Frozen angels

12 juin 2014 - 02:13

So I do have also such feeling ... sometimes, when life is sensless . Then i wish to be that angel you are struggling with in order to give to each of us, even just a little more happiness.  Come back to reality and life and think that in spite of all we may HOPE ! Regards.  Fitiavana

Dans la publication : Invitation

06 juin 2014 - 11:35

Bonjour Ami TLPsien...

Merci d'avoir lu ma " petite production " purement littéraire mais inutile si elle n'est pas porteuse d'idée ou de message.

 Je l'ai voulu être les trois à la fois  et je la destine essentiellement à une connaissance que je cherche à sensibiliser sur une réalité qui, parmi tant d'autres, pénalise, parfois,  toute une vie à savoir le " coup de foudre " . Les majuscules se trouvent bien à leur endroit avec effet d'actualisation.