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Meteorology of love

Posté par Cyraknow, dans In the language of Shakespeare 02 novembre 2020 · 1 101 visite(s)

English translation
The following is a translation, or rather, for rhyming purposes, an adaptation of my poem Météorologie amoureuse, which can be read here:  http://www.toutelapo...ogie-amoureuse/

Meteorology of love


First the sky, of vibrant hue,

Was a potent azure blue;

Our love a perfect dreamy bliss

Where nothing could ever go amiss.


Then came the cirrus of our days;

Little things, in many ways –

A harsh word, an attitude,

Marring our blue sky’s altitude.


They congregated – white Chantilly –

Little arguments, so silly;

Bickering for any reason;

Meringue clouds on our horizon.


My heart felt a little sick

As clouds amassed, so grey and thick;

A dark foreboding, rather glum –

Before the battle, a rolling drum.


Our dark sky broke, all storms and rage,

A roaring lion in a cage.

Howling tempests, high-strung passion,

Were our love story’s conclusion.


We’d once believed in sunny gold,

Before our skies turned wet and cold.

Today, your absence from my days

Accents my eyes with rainy greys.





28th October 2020

Open doors to sunshine

These words are yours then mine


Indeed !

Thank you for your words, my friend,

After this love's bitter end.

Happy you like my verse and rhyme.

I love yours too, every time!

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