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Joe Biden, poetry reader

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Joe Biden American poetry
On this inauguration day, when all the Americans blessed with even a modicum of common sense are ardently hoping that the newly-elected President will be able to put the country back on track and cauterize the wounds inflicted by the intolerance, racism, sanitary crisis, economic fractures and other niceties that are the legacy of the departing moron; yes, on this uncommon day, it is sweet to see that there is a poetic side to Joe Biden, the war hero, seasoned politician, Vice President of Obama's, whom tRump has been beating up and berating for the past months.
Not only has he invited a young Poet Laureate to come read at his inauguration, a tradition not always upheld by other Presidents, but he himself has been known to read poetry, as witnessed by the video below. The talented Julian Peters, whom I am a great fan of and have already spoken of in this blog, provides the illustrations. The poem is one by Robert Hayden, titled Those Winter Sundays. Our newly-minted President reads it beautifully, with great feeling, yet in an understated way.

As for the Inaugural Poet Laureate, she is quite young, barely 22 years of age. Despite her youth, she has already had a chance to read before the likes of Al Gore or Malala Yousafzai. She is brimming with projects and energy, and even imagines herself running for the Presidency in 2036, now that Barack Obama and Kamala Harris have shown non-white United States citizens that they can legitimately claim their place in the high instances of power.
Read more about her here:

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